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Why Leadership training

What is Leadership

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The Lumina Learning suite of state-of-the-art tools provides a compelling and unique approach to helping organizations unleash the power of their people and sustain a high-performance culture. Lumina Learning helps organizations transform their performance by transforming their people.


We encourage and equip people with the skills and strategies to resolve disputes, manage resistance and organize and empower people. With a series of Lumina Learning assessment tools designed to nurture leadership to its highest level, we will give you an insight into leading others by understanding your leadership style to meet the needs of those you are leading.



Leadership is the ability to organize people to advance a common interest. Leaders must possess the behaviors and skill set to manage individuals with diverse needs and talents, empowering those individuals to achieve goals and inspire them to exceed expectations.



We develop your strengths by focusing on four areas of leadership:

Vision - Drive - Delivery - People

The Lumina Spark model is the result of years of research combining expert knowledge
with human integrity, building on precisely what works and eliminating what does not in a psychometric assessment for businesses. Our framework aids self-understanding and rapport-building in a way that is authentic and practical yet easily customizable to suit
your needs and values.



We personalize all of our solutions and tailor them to achieve your goals.

• We are able to look at the impact of different personalities on

professional competencies

• We are able to customize our leadership frameworks, meaning

your solution will be unique



We provide pragmatic approaches to a range of leadership issues including:

• Eliminating communication breakdowns

• Motivating others towards a shared vision

• Keeping attention focused

• Coordinating and delegating successfully

• Resolving conflict

• Leading through example


We provide opportunities to explore your ability to cope with situations you may have
struggled with in the past. We accomplish this by:

• Giving you ideas on how to adapt your leadership style to suit the situation

• Setting goals for the future and raising your awareness of the areas that you

   may need to develop

We develop your strengths by focusing on four areas of leadership: Vision - Drive - Delivery - People

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