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We help sales organizations improve their performance in critical areas - revenue achievement, profit margins and customer loyalty. Our skills and strategies, accelerated learning techniques, focused implementation, and ongoing reinforcement are the keys to elevating sales performance in today’s increasingly challenging business arena.



Brunel Group assists clients in achieving business objectives by elevating the performance of sales professionals and client teams. We have a proven track record of achieving significant and measurable business results:

Increased revenue

Profit improvement

Market leadership

Increased Net Promoter scores

Greater sales productivity



Understanding behaviors, which lead to performance gaps, is key to implementing solutions that produce real results. When we engage with a client, we gain insight into the sales team’s current skill sets, knowledge base, and strategic approaches. We then map this to sales objectives and current performance that allows us to develop customized, highly effective, measurable solutions.



Brunel Group offers clients a state-of-the-art sales development platform, utilizing highly effective accelerated learning methodologies. Program modules are designed to be tailored and customized to each client’s unique requirements in terms of content, structure, application exercises and reinforcement components. This ensures sales teams receive the most current and relevant content – maximizing impact on job performance.



As much as 80 percent of most training can be lost after a very short time if not reinforced properly. Reinforcement is the key to real behavior change that drives measurable results. Brunel Group provides clients with a full array of reinforcement approaches and clear
step-by-step processes for enabling positive change in behavior.


We use industry leading tracking and performance measurement technology, adapted for each client. This gives clients the ability to link performance initiatives to actual sales results – demonstrating ROI and providing valuable insight to sales management.

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Our program modules are tailored to each client’s unique requirements in terms of content and structure.

• Consultative Selling

• Business Case Selling

• Sales Negotiation

• Sales Presentations

• Coaching Salespeople

• Sales Planning & Strategy

• Time & Territory Planning

• Account Strategy

• Opportunity Planning & Strategy

• Positioning & Repositioning


Our outcome is your income.

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